Too Soon

On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the Dawn of Victory, sat down to wait, and waiting—died!
-George W. Cecil (1923)

Breaking concrete with a sledgehammer.

That was my task in helping to repair the walkway. To pour the fresh cement would require breaking up the old, uneven section. Swinging the hammer high, I slammed the head against the hard surface…and felt my teeth snap together as a chip of stone grazed my cheek. The section of concrete was very thick, and swing after swing the slab looked quite the same.

“Nothing is happening,” one of project volunteers said.

“Oh, it is happening,” another said. “Just watch.”

A few more swings. A few more high-pitched pings.

And then, with no warning, at a blow just like all the others, came a deep, cavernous thump as a network of wide, spiderweb fractures formed in an instant. The breaking had been taking place all along deep inside the concrete. Fissure after unseen fissure snaked through the structure of that slab, and when enough of them met up, at that final moment, everything gave way.

You never know how close you may be to a breakthrough. To a movement of God. To an answered prayer.

We give up all too soon.

What if Naaman, leprosy-riddled, had washed in that muddy Jordan River only four times?

What if Joshua had stopped at the fifth trip around Jericho?

What if Elijah had prayed but six times and gave up on the rain?

What if you give up now?


Keep washing.
Keep marching.
Keep praying.
Keep swinging.

2 Kings 5
Joshua 6
1 Kings 18:41-45

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