Looking in the Wrong Places

The women who arrived at the tomb of Jesus early that Sunday found it empty.

Well, almost empty.

Two angels were waiting, and preceding the announcement of the Resurrection of Christ, they ask the women the question, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5).

The question is not just a question for Easter, but one to be asked every time we run to anything less than eternal to bring lasting meaning.

I shudder to consider how many times the “dead” things of the world are the focus of my pursuit instead of the “living” things offered to me by God.

We seek comfort from things that change.

We seek to build our private world with thoughts and dreams bent on tearing us down.

We seek anything other than God to set life right again.

We run to all manner of tomb-worthy endeavors…

Dead works incapable of bringing change.

Dead relationships stealing our peace and leading us astray.

Dead purposes keeping us occupied with less noble activities and choking our irretrievable time by the minute.

These things promise joy, contentment or love, but they can only bring temporary solace. Their end is not life-giving, but life-taking. We fail to see how much of ourselves these decisions will demand from us.

Everything we allow to come into our lives will either lead us farther from the tomb or deeper into it.

Where are seeking the living among the dead?

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