Some Helpful Resources During This Season

I have been trying to limit the flood of (often-conflicting) information that comes my way, not only for personal sanity, but also because I am seeking the best resources for my safety as well as the safety of those I lead.

These are some of the clearest and most-helpful sources for information I have found; these are the places I go for updates.

Johns Hopkins International Update Map (zoomable and clickable, best on a larger screen, so turn your phone to landscape view):

State Health Department site (your state has one too):,0,420.html#public

State Emergency App (sends local updates and notifications) : search your App Store for “MS Ready” and download. Again, your state likely has a similar app.

CNBC Update Blog (they have done well with posting up-to-the-moment info here, but you have to keep up with them switching the site twice daily to and from other correspondants on the other side of the globe):

This article makes the benefits of social distancing visual and easy-to-understand:

And yes, it is worse than the flu. No, it is not dangerous only for older adults. No, it is not all a matter of political hype. Take it seriously, please…

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