The Only Way Out Is Through


It’s not a matter of distracting oneself long enough for the discomfort to pass.

Nor is it adopting a carefree attitude about dealing with suffering.

It’s not whistling past the graveyard.

It’s not shrugging your shoulders and moving on.

It’s facing the dark.

Moving toward the pain.

Entering the unknown.

Fully embracing the discomfort, the shame and the fear.

It’s absorbing the hurt and allowing it to transform you.

It’s passing through uncertainty and, along the way, finding the unshakable God walking with you.

It’s trusting He is there, regardless of how it looks or feels.

People who distract themselves from the pain rarely grow deep.

They rarely rise.

They rarely relate to others in a meaningful way.

They seldom develop wisdom.

They miss the point of suffering.

Don’t pity the one who comes through the fire…

Pity those who never allow it to burn away their dross.

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