“I Love You, Lord…Mostly.”

The cross of Christ does not allow for nominal followers…

For no one is “half-crucified.”

He did not leave His royal splendor to secure our mediocrity.

His blood did not spill hot so that we might remain lukewarm.

His body was not broken to give us lives of mere ease.

His sacrifice does not remove our call
to do the same: to sacrifice.

Our Master, the One who died for us, demands we die to self for Him as well.

What are you holding back from the nails?

3 thoughts on ““I Love You, Lord…Mostly.”

  1. I can tell you really have thought about what it means to be fully crucified with Him. This poem (if that’s what you consider it) is beautiful and weighty…The challenge these words have given me is something that I need to think about every day. Thank you for sharing ; )

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    • Jess,

      Thank you for that. God has been weighing on me heavily lately about the subject. We’re made for so much more than we think we are, you know?

      Thank you for taking the time to read and for commenting.

      I’m truly humbled by your kindness.


  2. I know exactly what you mean…I think he laughs at us trying to figure out his mysteries sometimes. He wants us to journey with Him but we want to run ahead and form a new path. I’m so glad He makes us slow down and think about the depths of life with Him. He is so intricate… I could forever ponder on His character and still only reach the shallows of His identity.

    I asked you a question on your tumblr and tried to leave an email so that I could receive your response but it wouldn’t let me! ha ha But my email is jess.stanley1524@gmail.com if you get the opportunity to respond.


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