Name Your Price

What would it take for you to betray Me?

To exchange the eternal for the temporal?

Thirty pieces of silver?

The price of a slave for My precious blood?

I know your thoughts: “But, I would never turn against You, Lord.”

You were not purchased with gold or silver, yet you seek wealth more than you seek Me.
You were not redeemed by human hands, yet you turn to them first for your help.
You were not ransomed by your own effort, yet you depend upon yourself more than Me.
You were not set free by your emotions, yet you trust your heart above My truth.
You were not saved by a relationship with another human, yet you put that person before Me.

You were given breath to praise Me, but you waste it on living as you see fit.
You were graced with gifts, talents and skills, but you spend them on your own desires.
You were adopted as My child, but you live like you have forgotten your new name.
You were promised My kingdom’s riches, but you choose to chase the trinkets of the world.
You were to glorify Me, but you are bent on making yourself known.

What would it take for you to betray Me?

Perhaps thirty pieces of silver…
Perhaps things worth far less than that.

Things far more trivial.
Far less important.

Yet things considered by you
Far more valuable
Than I am.

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