I don’t know what You have for me Lord.

But You have my yes.

I have fought long to view my circumstances through a safe and constricted window with a too-small view of Your eternal grandeur…

Handed my yes over to a thousand other lesser things while holding back my sacrifice at Your altar…

Attempted to fit surrender into my life instead of fitting my life to surrender…


Forgive me.

And accept my yes.


Whatever You want.

Wherever You want it.

However You want to accomplish Your plan.

Place me in the middle of Your will so that I will be out of Your way.

You have my yes.


You say,

“Give me your needs, dreams and hopes. Your well-worn desires and uncertain days in the unknown future. Trust that I see and know.”


You say,

“Turn over the painful mistakes, the guilt-riddled, sleepless nights and the weight of past regret. Let My grace be more than enough for you.”


You say,

“Surrender every moment, every breath, every heartbeat to Me–the One who gave them all to you.”






To all I know and all I know not with a whole heart and without reservation.

You have my yes.

I will say what You want me to say.

Go where You send me.

Live and love and lead as You desire and direct and empower.

Your will alone.

You have my yes.


As Creator, You made me.

As Redeemer, You bought me.

As Lord, You own me.

As Father, You love me.


Being fashioned of clay,

Purchased by blood,

Designed for Your service,

And adopted as Your child,


You have my eternal yes.

7 thoughts on “Yes

  1. Wow, it’s simply amazing the way you see and talk about Jesus, Dustin! I’m Brazilian and I’ve been reading, translating to Portuguese and praying your “how to pray for your future husband/wife with my brother and every day it’s more fantastic to me the gift you have to see God and his dreams for us in everything.
    I’m overwhelmed. And blessed for being able to read everything you write, may God give more and more of this intimacy with him to you, and give you vision to bless others.
    And if “how to pray for your future one” wasn’t enough, you also write poetry!!! This leaves me without words! Really, God bless you, Dustin!


    • Thais,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I am truly humbled and honored that God could use the blog to speak to you in that way.
      Thank you for your blessing, and I pray that God richly answers all your heart’s desires with His perfect plans for you!


  2. I had to scroll down and find this post this morning. I had one of those sleepless nights last night, breaking the cardinal rule and asking God “why?”. My faith was shaken, and I’m ashamed of that. I remembered this post this morning and it really put things back into perspective for me after re-reading it. God has blessed you with an awesome talent for words.


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