Monday’s Comin’

S.M. Lockridge, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego from 1953 to 1993, famously delivered a beautifully lilting Easter meditation many years ago entitled Sunday’s Comin’. We often live in the darkness of the Friday experience and forget the joy of Sunday. And we often forget the reality of Sunday when the next day rolls around…Monday’s Comin’

It’s Sunday.

People are praying.

Choirs are singing.

Praise is ringing.

But Monday’s comin’.

It’s Sunday.

Pastors are preaching.

Churches are filling. 

Lives are healing.

But they are forgetting

That Monday’s comin’.

It’s Sunday.

The followers of Christ

Are running to him

Like sheep to a shepherd.

Sin is confessed.

Grace is given.

But they don’t think

How Monday’s a comin’.

It’s Sunday.

Everyone is dressed in their best.

The buffets and chicken dinners await.

The sermon might have gone a little long,

The only real discomfort of the day,

But still, hour by hour,

Monday’s comin’.

It’s Sunday.

When people check the box

Next to “church”

On the to-do list.

And eat too much

While binge-watching Netfilx.

But you see, it’s only Sunday;

Monday’s comin’.

It’s Sunday.

Christians are gathering.

They are all sharing

Words of life and overcoming strife,

But Satan is scheming

And the demons are dreaming

Of tomorrow’s deceiving

Because it’s Sunday

And Monday’s comin’.

It’s Sunday.

The struggles of the new week

Have not yet begun.

Unseen pressures and

Songs of sorrow still unsung.

Oh, it’s Sunday.

But Monday’s comin’.

It’s Sunday.

A day of joy.

A day of worship.

A day to honor the one true God.

It’s Sunday.

The world is lost.

Sin is spreading.

People are dying.

Hell is waiting.

And Satan’s still just a laughin’.

It’s Sunday

The followers of Jesus

Sing of his greatness and goodness and grace.

They nod with passion

When they hear how they must be

His ambassadors, his hands, his feet…

And then the amen comes,

And the day ends.

Will they live their mission in the morning?

You see, it’s Sunday.

It is only Sunday.

Monday is a comin’!

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