Heart to Heart


Do you find yourself single on this Valentine’s Day?

Kinda’ stinks in some ways, doesn’t it?

The overblown marketing began at the local mega-mart sometime around New Year’s Day, so you have been living with the reminder of your solo journey for a month and a half already.

Your Instagram feed is rolling along, a saccharine visual river of flowers, gifts and romantic dinners. Continue reading

The Long and Short of It

I have a favorite watch. It’s a mechanical dive watch milled from a solid block of stainless steel. The considerable weight is a constant reminder of its presence. Being an automatic watch, it self-winds as I wear it; the very movement of my arm keeps it running. As it runs, the thin, bright arrow of the second hand plunges into the heart of every moment and then passes on to the next…and the next. Measured seconds slip into the past, and my pulse keeps time. Continue reading