A-ha Moment of the Day

“It’s never about the other person; it’s always about you and God.”

A dear and wise friend told me that via email when I shared some struggles with another person.

“About me…and God?”

It was jarring at the moment, but she was right.

Every earthly relationship we have reflects our understanding of God.

Whether it is respect for a stranger made in His image, forgiveness offered to those who wrong us, endurance practiced with those wearying us or love given to those who are loving (or unloving), every relationship, good or bad, reflects something of my relationship with God.

My goal in relationships should be to be so transformed by God that I treat others more and more like He does and less and less like I do.

If I don’t know God, or if I’m not actively pursuing Him, spending time with Him and allowing Him to change me, there is no way that any friendship or relationship of any sort will ever be everything He wants it to be. If I don’t know Him, how will I ever know those made in His image?

It’s always about Him and me.

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