Things I Have Learned

Buy really good shoes…and use shoe trees…cedar ones.

Remember what you post to the Internet is put there for all to see; don’t be stupid.

Be self-aware. In today’s attention-deficient, techno-buzzing world this is harder than a half century ago, yet situational awareness trumps your next social media update.

Learn to use a knife in the woods, in the kitchen and for self defense.

Pray more.

Realize that most opinions and decisions aren’t backed with careful thought but by emotions.

People are not good at heart, so watch yourself.

If you are a male, don’t wear skinny jeans…just…don’t…ever.

Keep your left up. (Or your right, for you southpaws.)

If you knowingly dishonor and disrespect a man, know that whatever displeasure, disappointment and disgust he may direct toward you is likely much less than you deserve.

Don’t learn bad habits from others.

Learn how to cook well (heating frozen fishsticks and the like is not cooking).

Never ascribe bravery to stupidity.

Develop an appreciation for well-made things with respect to the time, effort and talent it takes to produce them.

Develop a deep trust of God, and release your worry by remembering His care. (By far, the hardest thing I have ever done…through the hardest of situations.)

Grow a large plant from a small seed. There is something immensely satisfying in seeing life fill an empty space.

Always check the chamber…always…visually and with your finger…always.

When fear strikes, remember to breathe deeply. Your brain needs oxygen to think, don’t make things worse for it.

Eat more veggies.

Find a cologne that few people wear and use it so only a hint of it lingers briefly in the air. No one has a chance to remember you fondly if your scent never leaves.

Read your Bible. You’ll be amazed at how His truth speaks consistently to you.

Accept the reality of ambiguity.

Spend time talking with little kids. Their lack of cynicism can lend you valuable and needed perspective at times.

Don’t be lazy.

Meet deadlines.

Be the first to apologize…then make it right.

Hug those you love.

Tell others how much you appreciate them.

Develop the discipline of thinking truly, deeply and for long periods of time.

Don’t sacrifice the eternal for the temporary.

Buy a set of metal collar stays of assorted sizes.

And while we’re at it, own a few nice-fitting, classic dress shirts.

Offer someone else the last cookie.

Periodically, watch a snippet of a cartoon from your youth.

Own at least one item with a really good backstory…a backstory you can tell really well.

Learn the difference in infatuation and love and make choices based on that wisdom.

Don’t stop learning.

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