What I Think When I Begin to Worry

1. Do I have unconfessed sin in my life? If so, I repent.
2. Are there sins I have confessed, but still continue to pursue? If so, I must forsake them.
3. Is there something God has told me to do about the given situation where I find myself? If so, I do it. If not, I ask Him if there is something I must do.
4. After I work through those questions, I ask myself if I am being obedient and faithful to Him (by His power) in every way I know possible.
5. When everything above checks out, and I have allowed Him to line up my life with Him, I then say, “God, this means, at this moment, that I am in the center of Your will. There is no better place to be at present. I’m giving this entirely to you. It’s Yours. Always has been. I choose to trust You fully.”

And then I move on in peace.

(Andrew Murray’s steps when facing a trial inspired this post. Not to put it on par with Murray, but thinking like this has helped me greatly, especially in letting certain things go.)


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